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Transform physical spaces into continuous visual consumer feedback sources.  Numbers and metrics don't tell the whole story.  Video enables marketing, product mgmt and product design to see the customers' journey.

Our Story

visitorX began as a research project into human behavior, originally funded by the National Science Foundation and operating under the name Perceive. Our mission is to understand the details of human behavior, in the real world, at huge scale. Since 2014 we have been developing breakthrough computer vision technology and today we are realizing the commercial value of our system in the enterprise. visitorX is the culmination of hundreds of hours of market research and pilots with customer experience innovators at organizations of all sizes. We're glad you're here and hope you'll join us on our journey as a team member, investor, or customer.

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What We Offer

Immediate Feedback
Show your design and marketing teams how customers are really using the product that day.
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The Real Story
The data doesn't say everything. Observe use cases and the most important customer moments.
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Video collaboration
Share and comment on videos so your team is up to speed on the latest insights from the field.
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Easy install
visitorX uses existing cameras or provides click and connect devices suitable for almost any room.
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Advanced AI Technology
Rely on research that's been funded at a national level by preeminent scientists to advance your product.
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Responsive Support
24/7 the visitorX team is here to offer recommendations, debug problems, and train your staff.
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"TaaS helped improve our revenue with 45% growth over the last 8 months. Could't be more satisfied!"
Monica Richards, Sr. Director of Sales


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