Meet Our Team

Experienced Pros

We are focused on delivering video that drives better customer experience.

With backgrounds in product, analytics, computer vision, AI, sales and marketing, visitorX is a team leading the way into the next generation of CX. We come from world class universities and companies in Silicon Valley and the midwest.

When it comes to CX, trust visitorX.

What our employees say

"I came to visitorX to be challenged, to push the boundaries of what I knew about AI. They have answered the call."

"I wanted to work with people who valued me and my talents."

"I wasn't aware people were doing these types of things with video or how much of an impact it was having for enterprises."

"It wasn't clear to me what CX was before I joined but seeing how the top brands are using it and innovating with it today has changed my understanding."

"Don't sleep on visitorX. This is a company that's going places."

Our Leaders

Everett Berry, Co-Founder and CEO
Karen Salay, Co-Founder and COO
Aaron Michaux, Co-Founder and CTO
Sam Eschker
Data Science
Ben Thomas
Marketing Analyst
Matt Woenker
Software Engineering
Bridget Kiley
Quality Assurance
Mark Sporleder
Data Capture Systems
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